Drug and Alcohol Treatment For Women

When searching for alcohol and drug rehab for women, it is important to consider gender specific issues. Women suffering from addiction have a specific set of needs that must be considered in order for treatment to have the greatest chance of success. First, it is important to consider the pressures that women in today’s world are under. Many women pull ‘double-duty’ as both a mother and a working professional, never feeling like they can give themselves fully to either role.

There are sometimes issues of guilt or feeling like they have failed to live up to their full potential. Problems can arise when a younger woman who has grown used to a party-heavy lifestyle suddenly tries to switch roles and doesn’t have the skills needed to succeed. When a woman chooses to get treatment for substance abuse, it is life changing in many ways. First, it means that she admits she has a problem and needs help, and second, it means that her lifestyle as she has lived it for many years is about to be in flux. Many times, women feel weak when they cannot stop using a substance on their own. Depending upon the level of substance abuse, women will enter our Detoxification Program before they move to our gender-specific residential program.

What sets us apart is that when our team provides alcohol rehab for women or drug rehab for women, they know the uniqueness of each case. Upon admission, each woman is assessed mentally, physically, and spiritually. We work to develop the clinical services she needs to overcome addiction.

A typical women’s treatment program might entail marriage or family therapy, trauma therapy or treatment for a dual diagnosis. Regardless of their need, we find the exact right blend of therapies to set women up for life-long sobriety.

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