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trauma recovery for womenTrauma Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Sandy’s Place offers comprehensive and customized treatment for women survivors of childhood or adult trauma.

Trauma and Addiction

Women with addiction commonly have a history of trauma –the two are closely linked and often concurrent. Women abuse drugs and alcohol or other addictive and compulsive behaviors as a coping mechanism for their trauma. Women often seek treatment for their addiction before addressing, understanding, or realizing the trauma that underlies their inability to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. In fact, studies have found that as many as 96% of those seeking addiction treatment have experienced a major traumatic event in their lifetime. That is why Sandy’s Place offers specialized trauma treatment as part of our customized addiction treatment program for women.

Just as addiction can take on many forms, so can trauma. Examples of trauma include abandonment, domestic or sexual abuse, a life threatening illness, a natural disaster, a serious accident, war or political violence, and more. If not addressed these events can manifest into disorders including addiction, PTSD, acute stress disorder, panic disorder obsessive compulsive disorder, or a combination of these.

Integrated Care

Many of the women we treat have addiction coupled with one of these. Our trauma treatment component is determined on an individual basis to meet the client’s needs and trauma/substance abuse history. Our staff brings decades of experience along with specialized and integrated clinical care for co-occurring trauma disorders for our women.

In our care, women heal from their addiction and trauma through customizable treatment offerings such as EMDR, one on one therapy, spiritual guidance and meditation, wellness programs, experiential therapy, and more. We help women transition out of a life of isolation and fear and into one of fulfillment and strength.

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