Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription drug abuse among women has soared in recent years. Many women begin taking an opiate painkiller, benzodiazepine, or amphetamine prescribed by a doctor for legitimate reasons and quickly find themselves addicted. Prescription drug addiction is equally as dangerous and deadly as illicit drug addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse Among Women

Prescription drug abuse refers to taking more medication than what is prescribed by a doctor, taking medication that was not prescribed to you and / or taking a prescription medication that is not intended or used to treat a medical condition but rather to escape reality, to feel better and / or to numb or cope with one’s emotions.
Prescription drug abuse among women is on the rise and continues to increase every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 18 women die every day of a prescription painkiller overdose. There are social factors that ought to be taken into account when looking at prescription drug abuse among women. Women are more likely than men to suffer from chronic pain, women are more susceptible to suffer from an eating disorder and mood disorder than men and women are also often more likely than men to voice their health concerns (depression, anxiety, etc.) to a medical professional (a doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, etc.) than men are. In turn, women are more likely to receive a prescription from a doctor as a solution to their problem(s).
There is a common misconception that prescription medications are safe or safer than illicit drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacist. This is largely due to the misinformation about the addictive properties of prescription drugs. In reality the use of prescription drugs is as dangerous as any other abused substance. In fact from a biological standpoint, the brain reacts identically to prescription drugs as it does to illicit drugs. Thus, prescription drug abuse can quickly spiral into a full on addiction and have extremely harmful and negative consequences on one’s relationships, health and overall well being and happiness.
During your stay at Sandy’s Place our experienced, knowledgeable and caring treatment team will create a customized treatment program that can enable you to live a life free from the dependence of prescription drugs such as opiates, stimulants and benzodiazepines.


Prescription drug and opiate abuse among women is quickly becoming an epidemic. Since 1999, prescription drug overdose deaths among women have risen 400%. Addiction to legal medication affects women of all ages. The drugs are easier to obtain for women and studies have shown women go from initial use to addiction more quickly than men. These factors are a recipe for disaster.

Treatment Methods

Similar to illicit substance abuse addiction, women will seek treatment for prescription drug abuse because of a wide variety of circumstances present in their lives. Each woman will have a unique set of factors that led to her seeking out help and each woman will need a unique and customized treatment program to give her the best chance to recover.

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