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Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse among women has soared in recent years. Many women begin taking an opiate painkiller, benzodiazepine, or amphetamine prescribed by a doctor for legitimate reasons and quickly find themselves addicted. Prescription drug addiction is equally as dangerous and deadly as illicit drug addiction.

Different for Women

Women statistically get drugs prescribed to them more easily than men. This is due to a variety of factors: from being more willing to communicate ailments to experiencing several ailments that require prescriptions that men don’t experience. Having the drug prescribed to them by a doctor makes the taboo of using or abusing the drug diminish.

As a result of the ease of obtaining a prescription, and social factors, women are more likely to take diet pills, sleeping pills, and medicine for anxiety or depression. There is a common misconception that these medications are safe. In reality prescription drugs are as dangerous as any other abused substance.


Prescription drug and opiate abuse among women is quickly becoming an epidemic. Since 1999, prescription drug overdose deaths among women have risen 400%. Addiction to legal medication affects women of all ages. The drugs are easier to obtain for women and studies have shown women go from initial use to addiction more quickly than men. These factors are a recipe for disaster.

Treatment Methods

Similar to illicit substance abuse addiction, women will seek treatment for prescription drug abuse because of a wide variety of circumstances present in their lives. Each woman will have a unique set of factors that led to her seeking out help and each woman will need a unique and customized treatment program to give her the best chance to recover.




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