Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Alcoholic diagnosed with depression

More than half of women with an addiction also have a co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis, is the presence of two or more disorders at the same time. Coupled with addiction, the other disorders many women entering treatment have include depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, and / or anxiety.

While at Sandy’s Place, clients are assigned an individual clinical team which consists of a primary therapist with whom they will with twice per week, a trauma therapist, an EMDR therapist and a drug and alcohol counselor/case manager with whom they meet with twice per week. At Sandy’s Place all of our clients undergo a psychiatric evaluation upon admission by one of our board certified medical doctors. Clients also have full access to our team of psychiatric providers with whom they may meet with on a weekly basis depending on their diagnosis and medical and clinical needs.

Underlying Issues

Women who come to treatment for alcohol or drug addiction may not be aware they have a secondary disorder. Women often turn to substances in order to self-medicate their underlying conditions and are surprised to learn another condition was contributing to their addiction the entire time. Studies have shown that among women with co-occurring disorders, about half go to treatment for either their addiction or for their co-occurring conditions and even fewer than that go to treatment for both. Addressing one’s underlying or secondary issues is essential for successful recovery from drugs, alcohol and other substances because co-occurring disorders play a major role in addiction and so addressing and treating them will play a major role in recovery. Our clinical staff at Sandy’s Place find it imperative to treat both the addiction and the underlying disorder concurrent with one another and are highly experienced and trained in the field of dual diagnosis treatment. We want to help women beat the statistics and allow them to heal fully which requires a strong dual diagnosis program.

There is Hope

At Sandy’s Place we understand the loneliness and darkness of addiction and co-occurring disorders and are here to tell you that there is a solution and we are here to help. Our customized treatment program will fit every woman’s individual needs and treatment goals.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder we are here to help.

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