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dual diagnosis treatment for womenCo-Occurring Disorder Treatment

More than half of women with an addiction have a co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder, formally known as dual diagnosis, is the presence of two or more disorders at the same time. The other disorders many women entering treatment have may include depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, or anxiety.

Underlying Issues

Women who come to treatment for alcohol or drug addiction may not be aware they have a secondary disorder. Women often turn to substances in order to self-medicate these underlying conditions and are surprised to learn another condition was contributing to their addiction the entire time. Studies have shown that among women with co-occurring disorders, about half go to treatment for either their addiction or for their second, co-occurring condition. Only around 12% get treatment for both – that is why our highly trained clinical staff at Sandy’s Place find it imperative to treat both. We want to help women beat the statistics and allow them to heal fully.

Addressing the underlying or secondary issues is essential for a successful recovery. These issues played a major role in addiction and addressing and treating them will play a major role in recovery.

There is Hope

A co-occurring disorder left unacknowledged can manifest itself into much larger difficulties in life, even if sobriety is achieved. Every woman has a different set of circumstances in her life that contributed to her addiction. Our customized treatment program will fit every woman’s individual needs and underlying conditions.





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