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Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Though a smaller percentage of women drink compared to men, women experience an equal or greater number of problems resulting from their alcohol use. The gap between the number of female drinkers and male drinkers has closed substantially and the rate of alcoholism is growing among adult women – causing many women to lose their self esteem, relationships, children, and jobs as a result.

The Effects are Different

Alcohol affects women differently than it does men. Women are at a greater risk of developing alcohol related problems due to their biological makeup. The toxins in alcohol that reach women’s brains and organs do so with more potency and lead to heightened health risks, such as:

  • Liver Disease –  Women are at a higher risk to develop liver inflammation. This leads to cirrhosis, and can be fatal.
  • Brain Damage – Many who abuse alcohol experience a form of brain damage. This can be memory loss, reduced brain size, and changes in the overall functionality of the brain cells. Research has shown women to be more susceptible to brain damage than their male counterparts.
  • Cancer – Many studies show that alcohol abuse leads to a greater risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Heart Disease – Heavy drinking leads to a greater risk of developing heart disease.

Health risks aside, most women seek alcoholism treatment when other aspects of their lives are at risk, such as their marriages, professions, and relationships with loved ones – especially their children and significant others. Many women come to us when they have reached a point of desperation, where the pain of staying in their current predicament is worse than the imagined pain of getting sober and getting help.

We Can Help

If not addressed, alcohol abuse begins to unravel all facets of a woman’s life. It is dangerous for women physically, socially, and spiritually. It often takes women away from their true selves and what is most important to them. Sandy’s Place offers customized treatment for women who want to get back in touch with who they really are and regain what has been lost to alcohol. If you or a loved one have losses related to alcohol abuse, call Sandy’s Place and see if our women’s alcohol treatment program is right for you.

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