Treatment With Vivitrol®

Vivitrol is a treatment used to assist addiction recovery for those clients who are alcohol or opioid dependent. Vivitrol, also known as extended release Naltrexone, is used to reduce cravings for individuals seeking assistance during the difficult early stages of treatment. It is administered once per month by injection for up to one year to help reduce instances of relapse in early treatment phases.

Many individuals find the most difficult time of sobriety is during the first ninety days because cravings are more intense at this phase. During this time, the brain is more sensitive to stress hormones that can trigger cravings. It is during this stressful period that relapse typically occurs. The Naltrexone in Vivitrol works by blocking receptors within the pleasure center of the brain so that a person does not experience the same sensation when they consume alcohol or opiates. Clinical studies have found a 25 percent reduction in relapse rates when used within the proper setting.

Before taking Vivitrol, clients must complete detoxification and stop consuming alcohol and opiates. It is important to use Vivitrol in conjunction with other drug or alcohol recovery programs, including counseling.

Vivitrol is not effective for everyone, but at Sandy’s Place we will test a client’s genetic profile to determine if the treatment is right for them. A specific gene sequence is used to identify those individuals who would benefit the most from the treatment. Patients who fit the criteria will gain the highest craving reduction and protective benefits from the injection. We are proud to be one of the select few recovery centers in the United States that perform this testing for all of our clients.

Vivitrol For Opiate Addiction

Vivitrol is an ideal treatment for many clients with an opiate addiction. Naltrexone, the active ingredient in Vivitrol, works as a “blocker” to inhibit the sensation received when using opiate drugs. The treatment works by attaching to specific opioid receptors in the brain to prevent the pleasurable sensations commonly associated with opioid usage.

The treatment selectively blocks the intense high received from opioid usage without preventing positive feelings from other naturally enjoyable activities such as outdoor sports, exercise, relaxing on the beach, massage, or other activities.

The blocking effects of Vivitrol slowly decrease over time as the treatment runs its course. The effects completely diminish so additional treatments may be necessary if the client still finds they are in need of assistance.


Vivitrol For Alcohol Addiction

When used in combination with counseling and therapy, Vivitrol has been found to significantly reduce the rate of relapse for some alcoholics. Even in the most severe cases, Vivitrol is able to at least significantly reduce the number of heavy drinking episodes, maintaining more success towards complete abstinence from alcohol.

At Sandy’s Place, our staff works together to help you achieve sobriety. Our Medical Director works closely with clients and staff to ensure the greatest possible chance of becoming sober and maintaining the sobriety for a lifetime.

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