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Allowing a client to understand they are not alone on their journey towards recovery is of paramount importance during the treatment process. Group Therapy sessions are an excellent format for clients to learn more about their peers’ struggles, and identify with common situations they have respectively endured during their addiction. By participating in Group Therapy, clients can gain feedback on their perspectives toward their addiction, along with constructive outlooks on how they are doing within their own programs of recovery.

Group Therapy is also a tremendous way to draw a community of individuals struggling with addiction closer together, while closing the door on isolating habits. Individuals who have struggled with addiction are more likely than not to have developed habits of isolation. Feelings of shame and guilt about ones behaviors during active addiction often cause individuals to isolate and withdraw from those they care about. Through group sessions we provide a safe, comfortable environment for clients to climb out of isolating routines. Some of our the group therapy we offer our clients include relapse prevention, trauma therapy, and love and sex addiction.