Equine TherapyEquine Therapy

The Pegasus approach to Equine Therapy is based around counseling with the assistance of horses.  Being around horses presents opportunities for major emotional and spiritual growth and development through the art of non-verbal communication.  All groups and individuals can benefit from this brief yet impactful experience.

Equine addiction therapy gives clients at our Costa Mesa rehab center a safe environment in which they can practice healthy risk-taking behaviors.  In a way, this can help clients ease into addressing fears that have limited their individual path to living and stunted their growth.  Ultimately, they learn that there is no such thing as impossibility, and that fears can be overcome.  When they let go and realize they are safe, clients are able to experience moments of real joy.  In those moments, there is only one thing: Divine Destiny, with the spiritual therapist—their horse—leading the way.