Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Addict in recovery sitting with therapist during Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Like CBT, the goal of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), is to change one’s unhealthy behaviors by changing one’s negative thinking patterns and behaviors. The primary goals of DBT include gaining understanding, awareness and insight. Finding out what is at the root of one’s negative thoughts allows for the individual to shift into more positive thinking patterns, which ultimately leads to positive behaviors. Like CBT, DBT requires acceptance, patience and courage to face the truth and to sit with one’s feelings. Skills gained from DBT include: understanding dialectics, learning how to recognize and cope with internal conflict, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and mindfulness (meditation and awareness training).

Both CBT and DBT are extremely useful forms of therapy for those struggling with addiction and/or co-occurring disorders. At HCBTS, we individualize each of our client’s CBT and DBT therapy sessions to address and meet their specific needs. We understand that every single client is different and deserves a unique treatment plan.

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