outpatient-detoxOutpatient Detox

Regular alcohol or substance abuse will cause the body to physically and mentally become dependent on the drug. To relieve this dependence, individuals suffering through drug abuse will need to undergo detoxification.

On your own, detoxification is a very difficult process, but under the right care, individuals can seek the guidance they need to successfully enter into sobriety. Detoxification is the first step into this journey. In line with our unique and individualized approach at treatment we offer options for detoxification, including the ability to undergo detoxification treatment on an outpatient basis.

At Sandy’s Place, we value the needs of our clients. These needs include individualized outpatient detox services facilitated by our expert staff. Some of our Newport Beach area clients may desire additional care, comfort, and privacy during their detoxification process. In these cases, detox can be facilitated in the client’s home.

Outpatient detox allows clients to address their substance or alcohol abuse on their own terms. This encourages patients to have a responsible hand in their treatment while tending to their individual needs. All along, our highly qualified staff is able to offer the support and guidance needed to overcome this initial hurdle to sobriety.

Our medical team is supervised by Dr. Joseph DeSanto, a board certified physician who offers over fifteen years of clinical experience. Our own Dr. DeSanto also serves clients as Medical Director at our men’s treatment facility, Hotel California by the Sea, and as Director of DeSanto Clinics for Recovery.

The team can meet you in your home to thoroughly evaluate your individual needs. Collectively, the team will create a plan for your detox to ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible. In most situations, the detoxification process can be completed in less than one week.

To begin the detox process, Dr. DeSanto will perform a full physical exam and medical evaluation in his Newport Beach, California offices or in the comfort of your own home. The evaluation includes a full physical exam, blood work, vital readings, EKG readings, and a drug screening. This panel of tests will allow the team to create an individualized detox protocol.

Our medical team is supervised closely by Dr. DeSanto to monitor your progress each day. If needed, clients can be referred to a clinical specialist who can assist with our issues or concerns outside of detox treatment. Throughout the process our counselors are available to ensure your recovery process is comprehensive.

Upon successful completion of the detox program in Newport Beach, our medical team will determine a long-term course of action and treatment plan. Plans are designed to treat a person’s needs based on their substance and then are custom tailored to meet individual needs.

Whether completed on an outpatient or inpatient basis, detoxification is the first step towards a happy and healthy life of sobriety. When combined with our recovery treatment programs, clients can receive the guidance needed to succeed in a life without alcohol or harmful substances.