Drug & Alcohol Detox

Residential recovery home at Sandy's Place

Step One: The Initial Medical Observation

At Sandy’s Place, we require that all of our clients go through a 24-hour observation period at one of our luxury women’s only drug detox homes in Orange County, CA. During this initial observation period, clients will be medically cleared by addiction medicine specialists to ensure that there are no drugs and/or alcohol in their system. If they do have drugs and/or alcohol in their system, they will need to remain at the detox house until they have fully detoxed their body.

Step Two: The Detox Process

Under the supervision of our addiction medicine specialists, we have a dedicated 24-hour medical team whose primary job is to make our client’s detox process as bearable as possible. By utilizing the latest and most effective detoxification methods, the body is able to heal and stabilize relatively quickly. With around the clock care from our team of experienced medical professionals, the safety and comfort of our clients is our top priority as they take the first step in their recovery journey with us.

Many women fear discomfort during the drug and alcohol detox process because they have been masking their underlying issues and problems with an illusionary solution for a very long time. For many women, drugs, alcohol and other substances provided the illusion of comfort, and protection. Taking this into account, we work to make the detoxification process from alcohol, prescription drugs, and opiates as comfortable as possible for our women clients in our drug and alcohol detox programs. Once they are fully detoxed, our clients are transitioned on to one of our luxury, gender-specific treatment programs such as Sandy’s Place.

To learn more about our detox program and view pictures of our detox homes, please visit our detox home page at https://www.hotelcaliforniabythesea.com/residential-treatment/detox/

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