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Customized Treatment

Sandy’s Place is small by design, offering our full continuum of care to a handful of women at a time so that they have our full spectrum of resources available to them to heal and recover.

Each client enters our program with a different set of circumstances, substance abuse history, and personal needs – all of which are taken into account when crafting their treatment plan. Some women arrive with a history of trauma and addiction while others experienced late onset alcoholism. Some women stay for 30 days, while others stay for up to a year. Some women arrive at the height of their careers while others are still exploring what they want to do. No matter what the circumstances, we customize our services accordingly.

An Environment for Healing

We accommodate only a handful of clients at a time so that an intimate environment conducive to healing is established. When women are living and recovering together under the guidance of highly credentialed and compassionate staff, it creates a strong sense of community where profound healing can take place. Prior to arriving in treatment, many women spend months or years isolated in shame and guilt over their substance abuse. The way out of isolation is through shared experience with other women in an environment with abundant group and individual services at your disposal including a variety of experiential therapies. Some of the therapies we offer include trauma therapy, equine therapy EMRD therapy, art therapy, harp therapy, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, one on one counseling, group therapy, spiritual guidance, and meal preparation from our 5-star chef. To see a full list of therapies we offer at Sandy’s Place, please visit the section on our website where we go more in depth about each of the therapies we offer.

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