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Women looking to succeed for the long term after their treatment understand the importance of continued care. While treatment provides the launch into sobriety that clients need, Sandy’s Place also offers continuing care programs designed to keep women on the steady path towards long-term success. As part of our continuing care offerings, we can provide a sober companion or sober coach to assist you on your journey.

In many cases, clients will enter our program after struggling with addiction for many years. Often times, these women are far removed from a healthy and happy environment that promotes a healthy life. Sober companions and coaches can guide women through the difficult transition as they seek the support needed to start anew.

In the recovery community there is a saying – “We could do together what we could not do alone.” This expression rings true for many of the women who participate in our treatment programs. A sober coach or sober companion provides the support needed for individuals to succeed.

Returning home often excites anxiety and fear that clients may return to a substance after completing the treatment program. These fears are natural and an expected part of the recovery process. Sober companions and sober coaches offer the support needed while clients transition from treatment and return to their lives.

Sober companions and sober coaches offer a similar support structure with differences that allow women to choose which option works best in their individual situation to allow for the best benefits.

Sober Companions

Sober companions offer one-on-one assistance to women after successfully completing the treatment program. Sober companions are especially beneficial for our clients who seek treatment but reside outside of Southern California, particularly because of their distance from our treatment facility.

Our sober companions are happy to accompany you home as you reintegrate into life with friends, family, and work after your treatment. Our companions have their own long-term sobriety experiences and know what it’s like to return to life after treatment. Our sober companions are able to assist you at every step of your transition.  They’re available to travel with you and can help you establish a strong support system in and around your home. They also can help you find recovery meetings in your area that coincide with your needs and schedule. More than anything, our sober coaches provide the moral support you need as you make the transition into your new journey.

Sober Coaches

In addition to sober companions, we also offer excellent sober coaches. Like an executive coach, a sober coach will help you develop tools to maintain your success. These tools are designed to facilitate your sobriety after treatment. As a newly sober woman, navigating through home life and work can be an overwhelming task. Your coach will help you adjust to your new sobriety and help you through the transition. A sober coach will help you develop new habits and skills that will guide you on the path to a successful future in recovery. Our coaches will help you navigate through the toughest decisions needed to ensure a bright future of sobriety.

With the assistance of our sober companions and sober coaches women are able to successfully transition into life after treatment and to actively work towards maintaining their success. Our continuing care staff provides the support women need to adjust to sober living. Whether you need more active at-your-side support or a more hands-off approach to support, our sober companions and coaches provide the knowledge and experience needed to help you on your journey towards long-term sobriety so that you may live a happy and fulfilling life.



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