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Relapse Prevention Groups, Newport Beach CARelapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a crucial component to continuing care. Our customized treatment allows women to stay with us for either a short or extended period of time, until they are strong in their recovery and feel ready to transition out of our care.

Once they transition out of our care, relapse prevention through group and individual therapy is the cornerstone of a successful transition. While in treatment women have several opportunities to work on things that naturally arise and challenge their recovery. Women can pinpoint certain relationships, family problems, and general people, places, and things that can trigger a relapse. These situations are worked through in treatment through intensive individual and family therapy sessions.

Yet, there are natural circumstances that arise in life that can blindside women and trigger a relapse. They are often unexpected and powerful. Having relapse prevention after transitioning out of our primary care can make the difference of staying sober or relapsing. Having access to and working through these challenges with our highly trained relapse prevention staff can make all the difference in how women handle triggers when living life more independently. Through this they have a real shot at a lasting recovery.