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alcohol and drug monitoring programsDrug Monitoring Program

Treatment is just the first step in the process of sobriety. Continuing care is a vital element to maintaining sobriety and the success of our treatment program. With the continued support of our Drug Monitoring program, clients will be able to have the tools they need to maintain a healthy life. Among our continuing care programs, we offer the tools women need to succeed.

First pioneered in 1976 by United Airlines, monitoring programs were initially created to provide support for pilots who struggled with alcoholism. Today, these methods are widely used for individuals in any number of substance abuse situations. Drug Monitoring programs have proven to be the most effective method of continued care, ensuring that clients are successful in their recovery.

In order to be successful, a drug monitoring program will contain a number of elements customized to the individual needs of our clients. These elements include:

  • Outpatient Treatment or Relapse Prevention Groups
    Individuals will be directed towards a treatment or group that best suits their individual needs. We offer a variety of options that are designed to meet the needs of women in any number of situations.
  • Accountability to an Assigned Mentor or Monitor
    Women participating in our monitoring program will be provided with an assigned mentor or monitor to keep them accountable along their journey. These individuals will provide support when needed and ensure clients maintain their sobriety.
  • Recovery Meetings Such as Alcoholics Anonymous
    Women participating in the monitoring program are directed towards recovery meetings filled with women who have undergone the same or similar situation. These meetings occur regularly and can be selected to coincide with your lifestyle. Meetings often occur multiple times throughout the week and clients can attend as many as needed to facilitate their sobriety.
  • Contact With an Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor
    As part of the monitoring program, clients will be directed to a program sponsor that will provide them with the support and accountability needed for them to maintain their sobriety. Sponsors offer the knowledge and experience of their own journey as well as the success of their own maintained sobriety as a leading example.
  • Compliance Testing and On-going Abstinence Testing
    To ensure the success of program participants, clients will be tested to monitor their success. Both the compliance testing and the on-going abstinence testing keep clients accountable the program to ensure they do not deviate from the constructs designed for their success.
  • Therapy Sessions
    Clients will meet with highly credentialed addiction therapists who look to address the root concerns of the addiction or order to maintain successful and long-term sobriety. In addition to an array of group therapy offerings, clients have the ability to meet with a masters or PhD level therapist or psychiatrist up to three times per week. Other therapy options include psychoeducation, hypnotherapy, and equine therapy amongst others.

Using these tried and true methods, Sandy’s Place is able to guide clients towards their goal of long-term sobriety. Each program is custom tailored to meet the individual needs of clients.


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