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After completing a substance abuse treatment program clients may find it difficult to transition into their new sober lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy and happy life can be met with any number of challenges along the way, therefore we offer continuing care services for this important time in the process. Continuing care is an important element to substance abuse treatment and recovery. As part of our valuable continuing care programs at Sandy’s Place, we offer Alumni Support.

Alumni Support is designed to assist clients at all stages of their journey. Whether you’ve only been sober for one week or you have been sober for one decade, our Alumni Support program is able to assist you.

Clients will face difficulties both big and small throughout their sobriety that can lead them astray but the strength of our alumni system is crucial during these times. The support provides peer accountability to keep women on track throughout their journey.

Through our alumni, women are able to maintain the bonds they have established with other women in the program after completion. The intimate design of our programs develop lasting friendships that help maintain peer accountability. Clients are able to connect with women at all stages of their journey – both past and present – to offer and seek support.

Clients in The Newport Beach Area are able to connect through weekly meetings. These meetings are peer-led and private to offer the support women need. The meetings allow clients to discuss their journey. Women gather to seek support at times of difficulty as well as to share their successes in their sobriety. The group provides a network of support to keep women on their path of sobriety.

In addition, we also have a private online facebook group in which alumni are able to discuss their struggles and successes. The platform allows alumni to connect whenever needed in a private environment with women who have faced many of the same situations. It provides clients, past and present, with the on-going support they need to maintain a happy and healthy life.

The bonds forged in the treatment programs are a powerful aspect of the recovery process. The tight-knit environment of our women’s treatment programs allow women an opportunity to create lasting relationships with women who have faced the same hardships within their lives. With the support of fellow alumni, women are able to maintain their own sobriety while encouraging others to do the same. It is in these bonds that women find the support they need to continue to move forward in their sobriety.


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