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12 Step Recovery12 Step Recovery

Newport Beach is home to one of the most vibrant recovery communities in the United States. There are over 100 12-step meetings a week in Newport Beach alone and several hundred throughout Orange County, with diverse offerings such as beach meetings, bonfire meetings, LGBT, women only, child friendly meetings, and more.

12 Step fellowship is one of the most important aspects of addiction recovery because it brings women out of isolation and into strong relationships with others, where they are held accountable and given support by their peers. Many women at Sandy’s Place quickly find their place in the 12-step recovery community and, for the first time in a long time, feel that they are part of a strong fellowship: that they are “home.”

While in treatment women attend several outside 12 step meetings a week. They learn how shared experiences among those they are in treatment with, and others who have many years of sobriety under their belt, can help strength their resolve to stay sober. For those that return to cities outside of Newport Beach, they find the transition easier after learning how open, welcoming, and accepting the 12 step community is and how to build relationship with others within the 12 step Fellowship.