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Addiction Aftercare Programs

Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all program and continuing care is no different. As part of your addiction recovery, our esteemed staff can recommend a continuing care program that is built with your individual needs in mind. This is a crucial element of your ongoing substance abuse treatment and recovery. We offer a number of solutions to custom tailor a program that is beneficial for you and works with your schedule. These programs, designed for women, are completely tailored to facilitate the best path towards living more independently while still having the necessary support to move forward in your recovery.

After completing Sandy’s 1, most of our clients from Sandy’s Place will transition to our step down program, Sandy’s 2. Our continuing care program has been designed specifically to empower you through the next steps in your life and to encourage you along your path to success and addiction recovery.

Sandy’s 2 allows you to transition into life as a sober woman with the support you need to succeed in your addiction recovery and in your personal and professional life. Continuing care services can be combined with many of the therapies offered during primary treatment, including hypnotherapy, equine therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

12 Step Recovery

Newport Beach is home to over one hundred 12-step meetings per week, with many more offered throughout Orange County to better serve the community. The 12-step program meetings are available with diverse offerings to provide a comfortable atmosphere that is tailored to like-minded individuals.

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Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is an important element of our continuing care. Relapse prevention care is offered in the form of individual or group therapy sessions. Having access to a support network that includes our highly trained relapse prevention staff can help you work past the obstacles and challenges that could come between you and your sobriety.

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Our monitor program is a highly effective continuing care program that has proven to be successful because it is tailored to the client’s individual needs. Each element of the program is designed to help you maintain your sober life. This program holds individuals accountable while facilitating a support network to assist in their success.

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Sober Companions and Coaches

Sober companions are available to assist you with your transition into sober living. Companions have long-term sobriety with the real life experiences of transitioning and offer support to guide you on your path. Companions are especially beneficial for those who travel to us from out of the area because they can travel home with you and ensure you have everything you need to succeed for a long time. Our coaches offer a more hands-off approach while still providing the guiding needed to succeed.

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Alumni Support

Our Alumni Support program is designed to join forces with current and past clients. The experiences of familiar faces and like-minded strangers guide others along their sober journey. Group therapy sessions are available in a peer-led setting on a weekly basis. Those who live further outside of Newport Beach are invited to an annual retreat to meet with others who have completed the program.

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