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Extensive research suggests that women can benefit greatly from going to a “women’s only” drug treatment center because women experience drug and alcohol addiction differently than men do. Not only do women have different biological responses and co-occurring factors, they also turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons. Women have different predisposing risk factors, psychological disorders, and family and social risk factors than men that can lead to chemical dependency.

Our women’s recovery program, Sandy’s Place, is a residential treatment program for women in Orange County, California that understands the unique treatment needs of women struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Clients in Hotel California by the Sea’s women’s program, Sandy’s Place, have access to all levels of care including detoxification, residential treatment and intensive outpatient treatment.

Sandy’s Place specializes in the treatment of trauma and addiction. Our compassionate treatment team at Sandy’s Place understands the strong correlation between addiction and trauma and has extensive experience and knowledge in the identification and treatment of women who have dual diagnosis in addition to their alcoholism or drug addiction.

Trauma caused by sexual, physical, or emotional abuse is extremely common among female alcohol and drug abusers and can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, shame, guilt, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In fact, women are twice as likely as men to develop PTSD. Women who have experienced trauma often struggle with trust and interpersonal skills, which can make them highly sensitive to group dynamics and interactions with men. For women, addiction and trauma are often interrelated so an effective substance abuse treatment approach that addresses all of these issues in a safe and gender-specific environment is imperative to one’s ability to heal and recover.

Sandy’s Place is a true individualized program where women receive six one-on-one sessions per week including two individual therapy sessions, one EMDR therapy session, one trauma therapy session and two case management sessions. Clients in Sandy’s Place program will be assigned an individual clinical team during their stay with us which consists of a primary therapist, a case manager, an EMDR therapist and a trauma therapist.

In addition to the six one-on-one weekly individual sessions clients receive at Sandy’s Place, clients also attend multiple group therapy sessions every week. At Sandy’s Place, women attend programming groups in a beautiful and comfortable residential home. All of the groups are run by master’s level therapists, certified drug and alcohol counselors and other group facilitators and clinicians who specialize and hold decades of experience in fields such as hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy, music and art therapy, trauma therapy, sex/love therapy and more.

Sandy’s Place provides a safe, loving and therapeutic environment where women are safe to be themselves and heal from their addictions and co-occurring disorders at their own pace. To learn more about our women’s residential addiction treatment program, give us a call today:

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When detox is indicated, we have around the clock care by medical professionals to make women safe and comfortable.


While in our care, clients at in our Residential program live in beautiful homes with no more than six women at any given time.

Customized Treatment

At Sandy’s Place, women have the unique opportunity to experience the gift of our truly individualized treatment and service offerings.

Career Resource Program

At Sandy’s place, we teach our clients how to have success in their recovery and in their personal and professional lives.

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