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Treatment Features

Gym & Personal Trainer

Being active and healthy is essential in addiction recovery. To that end, our luxury rehab for women offers a gym membership and an in house personal trainer.

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Spiritual Guidance and Meditation

Women enter our luxury rehab program with dampened spirits, we offer them opportunities to life them back up.

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Weekly Activities

We are serious about women’s recovery and serious about having sober fun and taking advantage of what Newport Beach has to offer. View a sample of our weekly activities here.

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Resident Chef

Meet Cynthia Irvin, our 5-star culinary chef at Sandy’s 1. Growing up in a family of “foodies”, Cynthia has always had a passion for food.

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Vivitrol is a treatment used to assist addiction recovery for those clients who are alcohol or opioid dependent.

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Trauma Therapy

Our luxury rehab center offers comprehensive and customized treatment for women survivors of childhood or adult trauma.

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