Substance Abuse Rehab

Heroin addict with a needle

Substance abuse among women is on the rise and so is the quest for treatment. Sandy’s Place treats women of all ages and backgrounds struggling with the abuse of all substances – from alcohol and prescription drugs to street drugs like heroin. Our program is small by design and our customized substance abuse treatment offers women the greatest chance at lasting sobriety nurtured in a familial and intimate environment. At Sandy’s Place women have the attention and comfort they need to heal from their addiction(s) and co-occurring disorder(s).

Women’s Treatment

Many circumstances that predominantly affect women can influence their decision to seek treatment for their addiction. These issues can include guilt, shame, fear, family concerns and more. The list of circumstances are extensive and addressing each of these factors individually is an important part of the recovery process. At Sandy’s Place we help women mitigate their barriers to treatment so that they can recover from the grips of substance abuse.

Just as every individual suffering from addiction has different treatment needs, men and women also have different treatment needs. Women have a greater chance of being able to focus on their recovery if treated among other women because there is less distractions which includes the validation seeking that can occur when in a mixed gender treatment setting.

Sandy’s Place

The aspects of a woman’s life that lead her to seek treatment are complex and customized treatment for each individual is necessary to achieve the greatest chance of success. We realize situations present in women’s lives can make it difficult to attend treatment. At Sandy’s Place we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that works with your current state of affairs. No matter what your current situation is, recovery is possible.

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