Spiritual Guidance and Meditation

Female addict in recovery meditating

At Sandy’s Place many women enter our program with dampened spirits. The substances they abuse and depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, and pain that ensued have shattered their spirit. They arrive dull, broken, and hopeless. Lifting up their spirit and helping women instill purpose, grace, pride, and poise in their lives as they become sober, is a cornerstone of our program.

Our masters level therapist offers one on one spiritual guidance sessions and a group meditation session once a week. We also have Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors to help women with their 12 Step work and incorporating 12 Step spiritual principals into their lives. Women begin to harness the tools achieved through spiritual guidance and meditation to lift up their own spirit and become the women they are meant to be. They learn to strive for the highest version of themselves and use meditation to achieve that end.

Since spirituality and meditation is highly individual, the schedule at Sandy’s Place also offers natural opportunities to exercise spirituality – through being in a community of women with shared experiences and through outside opportunities such as 12 Step meetings and yoga classes on the beach.

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