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Sandy’s Place

Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Women

Hotel California by the Sea’s women’s addiction treatment program in Newport Beach, California, Sandy’s Place, sets the standard of excellence in the treatment of behavioral health disorders including addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. Rather than offering a “one size fits all” approach to addiction treatment, we integrate a variety of different treatment interventions and custom tailor treatment to the unique needs of each woman in our program. We offer our clients all levels of care including detoxification, residential and intensive outpatient.

Our philosophy and treatment approach at Sandy’s Place has been successful in helping women and their families reclaim and enrich their lives. Sandy’s Place emphasizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation of the individual. Our foremost priority is to provide the highest quality of care and restore the individual to a healthier, happier, more productive lifestyle, free from dependence on alcohol and illicit chemicals and destructive behavioral patterns. We embrace the values of integrity, respect, accountability and excellence of care.

Sandy’s Place is private, safe, calming, warm and intimate with no more than six women. Sandy’s Place is tailored to meet the trauma-based care needs of women in recovery (e.g., victims of sexual abuse/assault, domestic violence, etc.) and women with PTSD.

Each client enters our customized substance abuse program with a different set of circumstances, substance abuse history, and personal needs, all of which are taken into account when crafting one’s individualized addiction treatment plan. Some women arrive with a history of trauma and addiction while others have experienced late onset alcoholism. Some women stay for 30 days, while others stay for up to a year. Some women arrive at the height of their careers while others are still exploring what they want to do in life. No matter what the circumstances are, we will customize one’s addiction treatment program plan and services accordingly to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

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Addiction Treatment Modalities

Sandy’s Place is a true individualized addiction treatment program where women receive six one-on-one individual sessions per week, which includes two individual therapy sessions, one EMDR therapy session, one trauma therapy session, and two case management sessions. Each woman at Sandy’s Place has an individual treatment team, which consists of a master’s level licensed primary therapist, an EMDR therapist, a trauma therapist and a licensed drug and alcohol counselor/case manager.

While in our care, clients at Sandy’s Place have access to a variety of group and individual therapy offerings, which include but are not limited to trauma therapy, EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), hypnotherapy, relapse prevention, mindfulness meditation, genograms, breath works, sex and love addiction and experiential therapy including art therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy and yoga.

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