Our History

Carl Mosen, the original founder of Sober Living by the Sea, brings 30 plus years of experience and success to the field of addiction recovery. Over 30 years ago, Carl founded a halfway house steps from the beach where homeless men could live (for free) during their early stages of sobriety. Soon after, Carl created one of the first, if not the first, residential treatment programs in Newport Beach, CA. Little did Carl know that he was setting the precedent for Newport Beach’s thriving addiction treatment industry that exists today.

Carl owned and operated Sober Living by the Sea from 1986 until 2006. After a 5-year non compete clause Carl felt a calling to continue his work of helping those struggling with addiction. Similar to Carl, Carl’s partner and co-owner of HCBTS, Kevin Mello, struggled with addiction and experienced the strong correlation between long-term treatment and long-term sobriety and recovery. Sharing a deep passion for helping those suffering from addiction by offering a long-term solution that worked, Carl and Kevin started Hotel California by the Sea in 2014. Carl took all of the knowledge he had learned and experience he had gained from his 30+ years working in addiction treatment and created specialty programs, which consisted of smaller and more focused specialized treatment programs. These programs include the Seashore program for mature men 30 years of age and older struggling with addiction and executive burnout, Sandy’s Place for women struggling with addiction and trauma, and a Young Adults Program focused on personal and professional growth which is heavily supported by our Career Resource Program which has helped over 250 men and women attain jobs and pursue higher education.

Carl is the pioneer of residential inpatient and extended care treatment and has set the foundation for many other residential programs to come. Since 1986 Carl has set the standard for quality and ethical addition treatment, a standard that many have followed and continue to follow today. Carl believes that knowing how to operate a long-term and successful residential treatment program is in his DNA. Today, thousands of recovered addicts and alcoholics call Newport Beach home because of Carl’s local leadership and involvement in the recovery community! Carl has continued this legacy by offering quality and specialized addiction treatment to men, women and young adults suffering from alcoholism and substance use disorder at Hotel California by the Sea.

Our Expansion into the PNW:

After receiving many of our admissions calls from the Seattle/Bellevue area it was evident that there was a growing need in the Pacific Northwest for quality, long-term treatment. Our Vice President, Brian Burke, who also struggled with and overcame his own addiction quite some time ago, is from the PNW and knew that it was his calling to bring a solution that worked back home. In 2015 Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue opened its doors providing outpatient treatment services and structured/private recovery residences. In 2018 we opened our residential detox in a beautiful residential home in Kirkland, WA. and have plans to continue to expand our resources in the area.

Our Expansion into the Mid West:

When HCBTS Cincinnati’s Director of Operations, J.B. Whitehouse, struggled with his own addiction nearly 10 years ago he sought a model of treatment in California that did not exist in his home state of Ohio. J.B. said “too many people didn’t and don’t have the ability to travel to California to seek treatment like I did. In the state of Ohio, there are virtually no facilities based upon the model I have witnessed first and secondhand success in. I believe that needs to change.” After successfully achieving and maintaining his sobriety and working in nearly ever capacity of the addiction treatment field in California, J.B. felt that it was his calling to bring the same model of treatment, that helped him achieve long-term sobriety, back home to the state of Ohio. In 2018, Hotel California by the Sea opened HCBTS Cincinnati under the leadership of J.B. Whitehouse.

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