Nutritional Therapy

Addict in recovery eating a healthy fruit salad

The known phrase “You are what you eat” carries a lot of truth. Early on in recovery, it isn’t uncommon for recovering alcoholics or addicts to have a very poor diet. This is due to the lack of importance placed on ones diet during their drug addiction. For a long time, their only concern was when they were going to get their next fix. Most alcoholics and addicts would eat maybe one or two meals per day and snack on whatever was lying around. When it comes time to change their ways and start living a healthy lifestyle, most of them do not know what that looks like nor do they know where to begin. At Hotel California By the Sea, we educate our clients on what a healthy meal looks like. We even teach our clients how to grocery shop. These basic life skills so many of us take for granted, many of our clients never learned or learned and then forgot during their addiction. Supplying our clients with the tools and skills necessary for getting their health and wellness back, which is an essential part of recovery, is extremely important to us at HCBTS.

Nutrition and recovery go hand-in-hand because when eating a proper diet, ones mental focus and overall mood is significantly better. When one feels better, their chances of getting and staying sober are increased significantly. Exercise goes hand-in-hand with eating healthy because when one eats healthy, he or she is more motivated to exercise and stay fit. Likewise, when one exercises regularly and devotes their life to living an active lifestyle, they are much more likely to also eat healthy. This positive cycle is extremely powerful when put into full swing.

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