Music Therapy

Addict in recovery and her therapist in music therapy class

At Hotel California By the Sea, we believe that music is a powerful healing tool that reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Music therapy helps clients explore their feelings and self-esteem issues, while learning new ways to cope with their underlying issues. Clients share songs that are meaningful in a group setting and discuss how music can process emotional healing. At Sandy’s Place we incorporate music therapy into our client’s treatment regimen on a monthly basis by bringing in a musician who plays and sings different types of music in a group therapy setting. Clients listen to, sing along and create different types of music during music therapy at Sandy’s Place. As a group our clients discuss, work through and accept any emotions and feelings brought up during music therapy. This alternative and holistic therapeutic modality is not only very enjoyable for our clients, it is also therapeutic and promotes a safe healing environment that nourishes and encourages creativity.

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