Experiential Therapy

Based in Gestalt Therapy, developed in the 1940s and 1950s, experiential therapies focus on process (what is happening) over content (what is being talked about). The emphasis is on what is being done, thought, and felt at the present moment. At Hotel California, we offer a number of modalities of experiential processes, including  psychodrama and adventure therapy.

Experiential therapy helps clients become aware of their co-occurring disorders, unresolved conflicts and trauma, dysfunctional or abusive relationship patterns, repressed emotions, inadequate problem solving skills, poor communication skills, unmet needs and wants, etc.

Experiential therapy allows our clients to look inward and experience the present moment and get in touch with their desires, needs, wants, and emotions. By looking deep within themselves in an open and honest manner, one is able to see how their experiences have influenced their decision-making, behavioral patterns and general reactions to life.

By developing a deep sense of personal awareness, one can begin to address and respond to the reality of their situation and in turn, will have a greater chance of attaining and sustaining long-term recovery. Some of the experiential therapies we use at Hotel California By the Sea include psychodrama, EMDR, art and music therapy.

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