Opioid Addiction in Women


The opioid epidemic in the United States is worse than it’s ever been. Many people are dying from fatal overdoses each year, and families are torn apart by a person’s addiction. Opioid addiction is extremely cunning because it can often start with the abuse of pain medications, and it can then evolve into a heroin addiction. We live in a country where opioids are prescribed more than anywhere else in the world, and women are much more likely to be prescribed [...]

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Are Teenage Girls More Likely to Begin Abusing Drugs at an Early Age?


As a whole, young people are the most susceptible to becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone based on specific risk factors. One of the biggest risk factors of becoming addicted is a person’s age. Those who begin abusing drugs or alcohol during their teenage years are much more likely to develop an addiction than someone who begins their substance abuse later in life. This happens because addiction is due to an issue of [...]

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Drug Addiction as Taboo


  Unfortunately, there is a stigma that surrounds the disease of addiction but it has become much better in recent years. Scientific research has discovered that addiction is a legitimate illness that is beyond a person’s control. This has helped addiction become a more open topic to discuss but women still often come across difficulties discussing their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Women who are suffering from addiction are on a potentially fatal path and need to feel comfortable discussing their [...]

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Female Drinking Risks


Alcoholism in women is far more dangerous than many people understand. Women specifically suffer from a variety of different issues that can lead to alcoholism, and long-term drinking can also cause different types of health issues. Women are also more likely to become dependent to alcohol due to their physiological makeup. Due to their smaller body mass and the way the female body metabolizes alcohol, women become intoxicated faster as well. If you’re a woman who is struggling with a dependence [...]

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Pre Existing Conditions, Surgery and Addiction


The United States has been seeing a growing opioid epidemic for many decades, and it’s an issue that’s been getting a lot of attention from the 2016 presidential candidates. From a young age, people learn that drug addiction is something that can become a potentially fatal situation so it’s baffling to try to understand how so many people are becoming addicted to drugs like heroin. One of the primary issues is that medications used to treat chronic pain and injuries are [...]

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Drug Abuse as a Cause for Homelessness


Drug abuse problems are continuing to rise in the United States. One reason for this rise is the increased availability of both illegal and prescription drugs. Drug abuse has many negative consequences, and one of the most common results is homelessness. Drug Abuse is Spreading There was a time when drug abuse was seen as only a problem for the down and out. Today, drug abuse spans across all sectors of American life. Poor or rich, drug abuse is a major [...]

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Knowing How to Ask for Help


Those who become addicted to drugs or alcohol often suffer from a delusion of control. They believe that they can somehow control their drinking or partake only casually if they want. An alcoholic may try to say that they’ll only have one or two beers, but they wake up the next day with a hangover completely baffled as to why they drank all night long. The obsession to drink or use like the average person causes a person more troubles than [...]

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Women’s Support Groups as Effective Healing in Treatment


One of the keys to staying sober and making it through the initial stages of sobriety is by having a strong support group. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can make you feel lost and alone. When you surround yourself with the right type of support group, you’ll see that you’re not alone, and there are people who are there to support you on your journey. While treatment will provide you with an assortment of tools that will help you avoid relapse, [...]

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Domestic Abuse, Trauma & Addiction


The National Institute on Drug Abuse is a government organization that does statistics and research studies about the disease of addiction. Years of research has found that addiction can happen for a variety of different reasons. One of the other big risk factors is the person’s environment. Those who live in a bad environment are much more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol than someone who lives in a healthy environment. Domestic Violence Leading to Addiction Most people suffering from [...]

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Women in Treatment – Biological and Psychological Differences in Women


The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful, and it can affect anyone. Addiction doesn’t discriminate against race, religion or gender. Men and women are just as likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, but there are specific symptoms that are more prevalent amongst women. Women who become dependent to drugs or alcohol are likely to have certain biological and psychological traits that most men may not or will never experience. There is a commonality between men and women [...]

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