Recovery on New Years Eve


As the twelfth hour of 2014 comes to a close we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we hope that everyone starts 2015 safe and sober. While New Years Eve is the biggest party day of the year, it does not mean that the recovery community goes dark. All across Southern California 12-step meetings are taking place around the clock, as well as sober celebrations. Before the sun sets on the final day of the year, it [...]

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Free App to Aid Recovery


In the near future there will be a free app available for your smartphone that will allow people in recovery to connect with one another in any given area. The app, called iRecover, will give users the ability to find addiction recovery resources near them and communicate directly with verified health professionals, reports the Boston Business Journal. While traveling, people in recovery often struggle finding resources to help them stay sober, a problem that led iRecover founder Jack Kelly, a recovering [...]

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