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Rehab Insurance Verification

Taking the initial steps to set your life on track can be difficult. Often times, factors like finances and insurance only complicate the situation – particularly when it comes to understanding the intricacies of coverage benefits and other pertinent insurance information.  We work with our clients to make the process as easy as possible.

At Sandy’s Place, we strive to work with the needs of our clients to help them achieve the best substance abuse treatment available. We understand that insurance is an important consideration for our clients and their families.

Your individual insurance plan will have requirements and parameters based on your coverage. Different insurance plans over various levels of coverage based on the plan selected. This determines any co-pay or out of pocket expenses for treatment that are not covered by your plan.

If you are unsure of your insurance coverage, we are able to assist in the process. Upon request, our insurance utilization review teamcan verify insurance information and coverage for our clients.

Upon completion of the verification process, our team is available to discuss and explain the information gathered. A team member will be able to explain the specific insurance policy’s coverage so that potential clients and their families can seek treatment with a full understanding of their coverage.

The privacy and security of our clients is important Sandy’s Place. As with all client information, your information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). To protect any information transmitted online, our entire website utilizes a secured certificate, as you will see by the “https” at the front of all links and pages on our site. This ensures all information that is transmitted online is encrypted to protect the private information provided.

We take necessary steps to provide convenience without risking our clients’ private data. Our commitment to your privacy extends to all aspects of our services. We go above and beyond to protect the privacy of our clients and to maintain security of all private and confidential information.

Located below, you will find our convenient online Insurance Verification Information Form. The form provides all of the information needed to expedite the insurance verification process.

If you have further questions or are uncomfortable providing this information online, a member of our staff is able to assist you over the phone. Simply call (800) 762-6717 with the information listed below. Our team is happy to assist in any way possible so that you can start your recovery journey.

Insurance Verification Form