Addiction Treatment for Young Women

The Young Adult Female Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program at Hotel California by the Sea’s Orange County rehab is an individually tailored program to meet young adult females where they are at in their personal lives. Recovery from addiction in young adults requires accountability, structure, clinical & peer support, the feeling of belonging in a community as well as a variety of tools to equip clients for long-term recovery.

Using drugs and alcohol takes over the life of those gripped by addiction. Quite often, for the young addict or alcoholic, the time that should have been spent in school or geared toward a job was replaced with planning and thinking about using and/or drinking and then actually using and/or drinking followed by the time spent dealing with all of the consequences that result from using/drinking. For this reason, it is very common for young adult clients to feel a sense of loss when they give up drugs and/or alcohol. In other words, once the drugs and alcohol are taken out of the picture, young adults in early sobriety often don’t know how to spend their time. At Hotel California by the Sea’s young adult drug rehab program, we encourage our clients to fill up their days with fulfilling and stimulating activities to help fill the void. Everyday is structured with a specific schedule geared toward keeping our clients accountable while enabling them to find enjoyment in their newfound sobriety. At HCBTS’ young adult program, everyday is structured specifically to incorporate time for programming, fellowship, and fun!

7:00 – 9:00
Wake, breakfast, meditation walk
9:00 – 2:30
Therapeutic individual and group sessions
4:00 – 5:00
Gym and/or Outing
6:00 – 8:30
Evening IOP Sessions, Dinner, 12-step meeting or fellowship

Personal Recovery

Every young adult female client who comes into our program has a unique story and requires a recovery plan that has been customized to fit and meet her needs. After going through the assessment process, our clients are put on a path uniquely suited for them to heal and recover. To set our clients up for the greatest chances of success in their recovery, we offer an array of services that include:

· Psychiatric Evaluation & Diagnosis
· Psychological Testing
· Medical Evaluation
· Personalized Detox
· Vocational Testing
· Individualized Treatment Planning
· Individual therapy sessions
· Case Management
· Individual & Group Therapy
· CBT, DBT, & EMDR Therapy
· Trauma & Grief Therapy
· Pain Management Therapy
· Experiential Therapy
· Educational Lectures & Workshops
· Holistic Coping Skills Workshop
· Psychodrama
· Nutritional Consultation
· Life Skills Workshops
· Relapse Prevention
· Emotional Regulation & Coping Skills Training
· Anger Management
· Spirituality Guidance & Support
· Family Education, Counseling & Therapy
· Discharge & Aftercare Planning
· Monitoring & Support

Isolation and loneliness often accompany addiction because the need to feel “apart of” is intensified for young adults. The need to feel “apart of” and to ease or eliminate  any social anxiety or fear of awkwardness is what drives many young adults to seek relief through drugs and alcohol. For every addict and/or alcoholic, their drug use and/or drinking will eventually cause their life to become unmanageable and the longer they wait to get help the more destruction they are bound to cause for themselves and those around them. By the time our young adult clients make it into our addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment program, a majority of them have burned bridges with their friends and family. Within HCBTS’ young adult program, there is an emphasis on the reunification process with family, friends and one’s life before addiction took over. HCBTS offers a monthly family program that has been designed to provide support and education to those affected by the disease of addiction.

In addition to our family program, we also offer a variety of interactive fellowship activities. We understand that many of our young adult clients come to us with a lack of relationships and a warped sense of community.

We encourage and help our female young adult clients rediscover what it feels like to be “apart of,” to have genuine and trusting friendships and how to have fun in their sobriety.  For young adults, learning how to have fun in sobriety is key to their long-term recovery. Some of the interactive and fun activities HCBTS offers our young adult clients include:

· Therapeutic activities held on the “Orca Too” – Our exclusive 70 foot motor yacht (including monthly boat rides in Newport Harbor)
· Quality 12-Step meetings, many specifically for young adults
· Morning beach walk & meditation on the sand
· Yoga
· Hiking
· Sailing
· Fishing
· Tennis
· Surfing
· Skate park
· Beach volleyball


Amenities of our Young Adult Women’s Program Include:

  • Structured, safe & luxurious living environments
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Case Management Services
  • Life-coaching/Client Advocate Services
  • Career Resource Program – Employment and Educational Assistance
  • Access to local gym
  • Weekly (gender-specific) fun sober outings
  • Transportation to and from 12-step meetings & programmin
  • Community events at our IOP facility

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