Addiction for Young Men

Hotel California by the Sea offers a gender-specific addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment program that is specifically structured for young adults. At Hotel California by the Sea’s Orange County drug rehab, we believe that structure, a sense of belonging (community/fellowship) and a commitment to one’s personal recovery are fundamental aspects of one’s ability to achieve and maintain sobriety.


After spending so much time acquiring, using, or thinking about drugs and alcohol, it is very common for our clients to feel a huge sense of loss when they come into addiction treatment. For many of our young adult clients each 24-hour period has revolved around using drugs and/or drinking alcohol and recovering from the ramifications, only to start the clock ticking again. We keep our young adult clients busy with impactful individual and group therapy sessions as well as fulfilling and fun activities to help ease the void many of them feel early in their sobriety.

At Hotel California by the Sea’s Orange County young adult drug rehab, each 24-hour period is filled with a comprehensive schedule that helps our young adult clients persevere in their recovery by learning how to stay productive, use their time wisely and put their time and effort toward positive and growth-enhancing activities and hobbies.

Here is typical day in our Young Adult Rehab Program: *Please keep the schedule in the boxes.

7:00 – 9:00 Wake, breakfast, meditation walk
9:00 – 2:30 Therapeutic individual and group sessions
4:00 – 5:00 Gym and/or Outing
6:00 – 8:30 Evening IOP Sessions or Dinner, 12-step meeting, fellowship

Personal Recovery

At Hotel California by the Sea, we believe that addiction impacts each person differently which is why we offer customized addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment plans for our young adult clients in Orange County, CA. Our mission is to set our clients up for success in the recovery journey by providing them with an array of therapeutic services including:

• Psychiatric Evaluation & Diagnosis
• Psychological Testing
• Medical Evaluation
• Personalized Detox
• Vocational Testing
• Individualized Treatment Planning
• Individual therapy sessions (2 a week)
• Case Management
• Individual & Group Therapy
• CBT, DBT, & EMDR Therapy
• Trauma & Grief Therapy
• Pain Management Therapy
• Experiential Therapy
• Educational Lectures & Workshops
• Holistic Coping Skills Workshop
• Psychodrama
• Nutritional Consultation
• Life Skills Workshops
• Relapse Prevention
• Emotional Regulation & Coping Skills Training
• Anger Management
• Spirituality Guidance & Support
• Family Education, Counseling & Therapy
• Discharge & Aftercare Planning
• Monitoring & Support

Amenities of our Young Adult Men’s Program Include:

Structured, safe & luxurious living environments
Individualized treatment plans
Case Management Services
Life-coaching/Client Advocate Services
Career Resource Program – Employment and Educational Assistance
Access to local gym
Weekly (gender-specific) fun sober outings
Transportation to and from 12-step meetings & programming
Community events at our IOP facility


Addicts and alcoholics in early recovery often know isolation and loneliness well. Quite often our young adult clients come into treatment with strained relationships with friends and family and haven’t felt apart of for a very long time. By the time our young adult clients make it into HCBTS’ Orange County drug rehab, a majority of them have burned bridges with their friends and family. To thoroughly support the reunification process with our client’s loved ones, HCBTS offers a monthly family program that has been designed to provide support and education to those affected by the disease of addiction.

Hotel California by the Sea aims to help our young adult clients rediscover a sense of belonging. From day one, our young adult clients are immersed in a community with peers close in age who have gone through similar life experiences. Brought together by a common struggle (their addiction) and purpose (to get sober), we’ve found that our young adult clients form bonds with one another rather quickly and are able to support one another throughout the entire recovery process. At HCBTS, we strive to provide our clients with a variety of interactive activities that allow for them to get out into the community and enjoy themselves in their newfound sobriety! Some of the activities we offer include:

• Quality 12-step meetings: options specifically for young adults
• Morning beach walk & meditation on the sand
• Yoga
• Hiking
• Sailing
• Fishing
• Tennis
• Surfing
• Paddle Boarding
• Volleyball
• Laguna Beach Arts Festival & Artist Studio Tours
• Nightly Sunset Meditation Sessions


Amenities included in the HCBTS Young Adult Program Include:

Structured & Safe Living Environment
Grocery Cards for clients to purchase food for themselves every week while supervised
Gym memberships
Fun & sober outings
Individualized treatment plans
Community events at our IOP facility

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