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Dandelion, treatment philosophy Treatment Philosophy

At Sandy’s Place we take the necessary steps to help our clients succeed in long-term recovery.

When our founder, Sandy, created our treatment center, it was her goal to create a comfortable healing environment for women to overcome the disease of addiction and the co-occurring disorders associated with addiction. Our goal is to provide the treatment our clients need while maintaining their privacy and dignity throughout a difficult time, a concept that is often lost in traditional addiction treatment facilities. We strive to offer unmatched clinical treatment that never wavers in providing an unmatched level of support and ease one needs to overcome chemical dependency. Regardless of any woman’s background, our treatment provides programs that will fit their needs, allowing them to get sober in a safe and warm environment among like-minded peers with similar experiences and struggles.

Sandy’s Place offers quality, professional treatment programs that are completely customized to your individual needs, ensuring that your plan will work for you. While many drug rehabilitation programs take a more traditional approach of structure and daily routines, we offer a different model. We have found through experience that addicts and alcoholics may not be successful in a highly controlled, micromanaged environment with strict scheduling and routine control. We treat our clients with the respect they deserve as individuals while providing the framework that allows the client to overcome their addiction without feeling overwhelmed and needlessly inspected.

We offer our clients all levels of care. You can choose from detoxification, residential, intensive outpatient, sober living, and aftercare to meet your recovery needs. Additionally, we treat co-occurring disorders that often underlie the primary diagnosis of addiction.

Our principles and practices guide us so that we can create a nurturing atmosphere that mimics a home-like environment with safe boundaries designed to ensure a positive outcome from whatever level of care you are receiving. We believe that the best way to address substance abuse is by creating a real world environment. Rather than shielding women from the outdoor world, we create an environment that is conducive to healing with normal daily activities such as casual social outings, outdoor recreational activities, and time with friends or family. All of these activities are explored in a manner that allows our clients to learn how to maintain their sobriety – all while our experienced staff is present to offer support at every turn.

We are committed to providing each person with the skills and abilities to implement a successful plan that starts in our treatment community and extends to everyday life at home. We truly believe this process offers the best methods to enjoy long-lasting recovery and success in daily life. With our guidance woman are provided with the tools to tackle their addiction and to achieve the sober life they seek.

At Sandy’s Place, we provide the support women need to overcome their struggles and truly flourish. Our program allows women to seek help in all stages of treatment in a positive environment. We make it our priority to offer the highest quality of care to our clients so that they may succeed and live a happier and healthier life outside of Sandy’s Place.