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The staff at Sandy’s Place seek to provide the highest level of care for our clients. Every one of our women is given multiple opportunities to offer us feedback throughout their stay and upon their departure. Nothing means more to us than to hear one of our women talk about the healing they have experienced during their time with us at our women’s alcohol and drug rehab in California.

“When I discovered I had an addiction and needed inpatient treatment, I was terrified of what that would encompass. Sandy’s Place completely changed my life and outlook on rehab for the better. The staff was so kind, generous, and genuinely cared about ensuring my recovery and improving my future. After 90 days, the staff had become my family and people I know will be here for me for the rest of my life.”

– Alex O

“Sandy’s Place completely changed my life. The multi-modal therapy that they provided helped me beyond my addiction issues. Upon my discharge, I was a better and healthier person and professional. I was equipped with the tools to handle my addiction and all of life’s problems.”

– Niki

“Sandy’s Place literally saved my life. The staff and many forms of therapy they provided me with made my life better and ensured my recovery. I have been to many treatment centers in the past, and never have I encountered such a loving and generous staff.”

-Allyson F.

“Sandy’s Place at Hotel California by the Sea saved my life! They were kind and nurturing. They help me rebuild my self-esteem. I was broken when I arrived and 90 days later I feel whole again. Thank you for caring and helping me to love myself again.”

-Carly D.


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