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Karen CramerKaren Cramer


Karen Cramer has spent 35 years working with adolescents and adults with behavior and addiction issues. Karen graduated from Los Angeles Mission College with an associate degree in chemical dependency and has a certificate in chemical dependency studies from the American Academy of Health Care Providers. Karen brings 37 years of sobriety and a passion for working with trauma victims, PTSD, ADHD, and family issues all centering around addiction and healing the addict from the inside out.

Karen was cofounder of The Hope Institute in Costa Mesa, California and spent 17 years as program director and director of family services. The Hope Institute was a program designed to provide in-depth treatment for addicted adolescents and their families. Karen believes that working with addiction and addicts is a gift and enjoys being part of the healing process as the addict gets control of their life back.

Karen sincerely believes in “paying it forward” and continues to help others recognize and confront the issues that impact their sobriety.

When not working, Karen is a wife, mother of three, and a grandmother who is sober and grateful for family and grandma time.