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Trish MarzulloDr. Tricia Marzullo

Dr. Tricia Marzullo comes to Hotel California by the Sea as the women’s primary therapist with expert experience in working with men and women in addiction treatment. Her training includes the science of substance abuse/dependence, sex addiction, media/video game addiction, shame and trauma, ADHD, depression, personality disorders, anxiety, couples and family therapy, abuse, sexual identity, and psychosis. She uses her training and cultural experiences to assist the addict and alcoholic through their transition and acculturate from an addictive lifestyle to a sober one. Dr. Trish believes that 12-step programs provide a structure for addicts while also considering each person’s unique and individual journey through treatment, sobriety, and recovery. Dr. Trish believes it is an honor and privilege to assist people in achieving their goals and to witness the positive changes clients make in their lives.