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Daniel HollenbeckDaniel “DC” Hollenbeck

Director of Admissions

After an injury and subsequent medical discharge from the Marine Corp in 2004, Daniel Hollenbeck found himself addicted to prescription medication and alcohol. Struggling to move forward, Daniel began to spiral into a war with himself. Within a very short period of time, Daniel’s desire for a productive and meaningful life was overruled by his disease.

After multiple attempts at self-propulsion, Daniel surrendered himself to a 12-step program. He obtained a sponsor and began attending the suggested daily 12-step meetings, working the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous  and immersed himself in service work with young alcoholics in The Greater Orange County Area. After seeing the benefits of thoroughly working a 12-step program, Daniel knew he was meant to work in the field of recovery. Daniel was and is still passionate about helping other alcoholics find the same freedom, happiness and purpose he has been able to find on his own path of recovery.

Daniel is originally from Knoxville, TN and now lives in Orange County. It is here that Daniel enjoys the serenity of his sobriety

within the local recovery community, a community that gives him a chance to help others like himself on a daily basis.

Daniel is the Director of Admissions at Hotel California by the Sea. On a daily basis, Daniel works passionately to provide quality care to those struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring conditions.