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Sandy’s Place Executive Director

Sandy Taylor B.S. CADAC II, CCGC, EDS

Sandy Taylor is the Executive Director of Sandy’s Place. For well over three decades Sandy has been working with women in recovery. Sandy has designed a unique women’s addiction treatment program for women suffering from drug and alcohol abuse that sets the standard of excellence in women’s addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment. Sandy’s goal is to assure that each woman who enters the program will have the fullest opportunity to achieve and sustain sobriety, recovery and positive life change. Sandy holds over three decades of personal sobriety and it is the strength of her own personal program and her dedication to serving fellow alcoholics that makes her one of the most respected treatment professionals in the Orange County Area.

Sandy continues to display a grace, style and impeccable standard of professionalism, which her patients and co-workers have always admired and respected. Sandy sums up her personal mission best: “I am dedicated to helping women to stop being ‘prisoners’ of their past and become ‘pioneers’ of their future.”

A message from Sandy Taylor:

“Allow me to personally introduce you to our women’s drug and alcohol rehab program, where we are committed to your health and improved well being. At our alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility in Orange County, California we look beyond traditional ideals of treatment to take a unique and comprehensive approach towards addiction recovery. We find it important to honor the individual and to provide customized treatment to cater to the unique recovery and rehabilitation needs of each of our clients. We collaborate with the most experienced and well-respected addiction treatment professionals in Orange County so that we can guide you towards success in your recovery. These tools will help you return to a healthy life so that you can feel fulfilled and engaged on both a personal and professional level.”

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