Drug Abuse as a Cause for Homelessness

Drug abuse problems are continuing to rise in the United States. One reason for this rise is the increased availability of both illegal and prescription drugs. Drug abuse has many negative consequences, and one of the most common results is homelessness.

Drug Abuse is Spreading
There was a time when drug abuse was seen as only a problem for the down and out. Today, drug abuse spans across all sectors of American life. Poor or rich, drug abuse is a major problem.

The main reason for this today is the increased use of prescription painkillers and heroin. Heroin gives the same euphoric feelings that prescription painkillers do, but heroin costs much less. Other drugs that have contributed to the rise in drug abuse include marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and so-called designer drugs like ecstasy.

People that never dreamt they would abuse drugs find themselves in just that situation today. As drug abuse continues, so do the terrible consequences associated with drug abuse.

How Drug Abuse Causes Homelessness
According to the Hunger and Homelessness Survey, substance abuse was the main cause for homelessness among singles, and among the top three causes for families becoming homeless. Another study found that 25 percent of the homeless people surveyed, stated drug abuse was their primary reason for being homeless.

Drug abuse affects many aspects of a person’s life, including relationships, finances and their job. Drug abuse often causes a person to lose their job due to performance issues or calling in sick too often. In addition, marriages can fail because of drug abuse and this can also lead to becoming homeless.

Abusing drugs also make it harder to find a new job since most job applicants have to pass a drug test to get hired. Without a job other sources of income, an eviction or foreclosure is a common occurrence. The longer a person abuses drugs, the more they risk becoming homeless.

Experts agree that homeless people have a higher rate of drug abuse than the general population, and once homeless, it becomes even harder to secure another job. Since drug abuse and homelessness go hand in hand.

Drug abuse can cause homelessness in so many ways. Divorces, family breakups, job losses, criminal records, and mental illnesses are all contributing factors as a part of this path of drug abuse. Because of an inability to earn enough money to pay for a housing and abusing drugs, those affected are going to have a problem keeping a job and secure a home to live in. The only way out is to seek treatment for drug abuse or addiction.