iRecoverIn the near future there will be a free app available for your smartphone that will allow people in recovery to connect with one another in any given area. The app, called iRecover, will give users the ability to find addiction recovery resources near them and communicate directly with verified health professionals, reports the Boston Business Journal.

While traveling, people in recovery often struggle finding resources to help them stay sober, a problem that led iRecover founder Jack Kelly, a recovering heroin addict, to come up with the idea. While the app is geared toward alcoholics and drug addicts, Kelly said that people recovering from other afflictions, such as eating disorders, have made inquires about the app.

“Eventually, this could be something where anyone recovering from anything would be able to find a place here,” Kelly said.

About 150 IOS and Android users tested the app during a two month beta period. Kelly and his co-founder observed that people used the app for more than just addiction resources, people used the app to find inspiration, according to the article.

“People are putting up inspirational quotes, pictures of them doing something fun, and there are people saying, ‘Hey, I’m here to help,’ and other people posting questions,” Kelly said.

iRecover officially launches in mid-January, initially the app will be useful to people primarily in New England. While the app will be free, Kelly hopes to generate revenue through accredited addiction and recovery specialists which would pay to be featured on the app, as well as in-app advertising.

Kelly is Charlestown, MA neighborhood liaison and was a Boston City Council candidate in 2013, he said that key topic his campaign was concept innovation. “I saw this (business) as an opportunity to make sure innovation was a worthwhile venture as opposed to what I see now, which is the innovative products that have been successful are non-impact,” he said.

If the app is well received, it could potentially aid millions of Americans in recovery. Networking is an essential ingredient to successful recovery.