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What We Treat

Sandy Taylor, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

Hi, I’m Sandy Taylor,

Allow me to personally introduce you to our women’s drug and alcohol rehab program, where we are committed to your health and improved well-being. At our alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility, we look beyond traditional ideals of treatment to take a unique and comprehensive approach towards addiction recovery. We find it important to honor the individual and to provide customized treatment to cater to the unique recovery and rehabilitation needs of each of our clients. We collaborate with the most experienced and well-respected addiction treatment professionals in Orange County so that we can guide you towards success. These tools will help you return to a healthy life so that you can feel fulfilled and engaged on both a personal and professional level.

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Alcohol Abuse

What starts as a leisurely activity can lead to feelings of shame and regret when alcohol is abused and addiction forms. At Sandy’s Place, we create a customized alcohol rehabilitation program so that you can redefine your life with a new sense of control.

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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can cause a person to spiral until their live completely unravels. Our expert staff provides customized drug rehabilitation treatment plans designed to help women suffering from addiction to restore their lives by learning how to live free from harmful substances.

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Prescription Drug Abuse

What starts as a prescribed treatment can blindside a woman who never intended to become dependent on prescription drugs. Our unique approach to drug rehabilitation treatment will help women move on from their dependence on prescription drugs.

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Co-Occurring Disorders

For many patients, substance abuse or addiction is directly correlated with underlying disorders. Our women’s recovery program is designed to treat the root cause, including conditions like anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, so that clients can achieve lasting sobriety.

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Our rehab facility provides comprehensive care for women who survive childhood or adult trauma. It is common for women seeking substance abuse treatment to have experienced a traumatic event leading to their drug usage.

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